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OnAirMedia are the owners of the Ask Abuja, Ask Kaduna and Ask Lagos Initiatives. Our portfolio includes the Ask Abuja, Ask Kaduna and Ask Lagos websites and Mobile Apps.

About OnAirMedia
OnAirMedia is a media publishing company that also specializes in providing professional services on investment and trade insights on specific African countries.

Our Team
Mr. XYZ.
He has a professional career that spans more than 30 years as an academic, administrator, diplomat, computer specialist, and international development expert. He serves as a business environment adviser for Borderless Alliance in Accra, Ghana. Dr. Afolabi was also appointed director of business environment with the USAID West Africa Trade Hub in Accra in 2011. In this role, he coordinates trade facilitation policy implementation (trade, customs, transport, and ICT) to improve the business environment in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) sub-region.  Earlier in his career, Dr. Afolabi was acting deputy executive secretary of ECOWAS, managing the technical departments responsible for Human Development (including education, health, youth, gender, and drug control), Infrastructure (information and communications technology, energy, transport), and Agriculture, including rural development. He retired from the ECOWAS Commission in October 2010. He has been a longtime guest lecturer and consultant with the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) in Lagos. He earned a Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and a B.S. from Ahmadu Bello University.

Mr. ABC. He leads the editorial think tank. A seasoned journalist, he has extensive experience in media and public perception management. He is a  2005 GKP/Panos Fellow (Winner of the Panos Institute of London/Global Knowledge Partnership award for 2005 on Reporting the Information Society); and winner of Nigeria Media Merit Award (NMMA) 2006; the highest journalism award in Nigeria as the Telecommunications Reporter for 2006.

ABC is a member of the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM) and also active at the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). He has served in a number of government committees including the Nigeria’s National ICT4D Action Plan Committee where he was the sub-committee chairman on ICT Popularisation and Deployment. He was also the Founding National Coordinator (2003) for the Government and Media Think Tank on ICT acceleration for national development – Joint Action Committee ICT Awareness and Development (JACITAD).

MEFG is an Executive Director at Baobab Think Limited. He has a Bachelor Degree in Engineering and has occupied several management positions in grade-A companies as a civil and structural engineer. He is a member of a member of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and member of the Council For The Regulation Of Engineering In Nigeria (COCIN). He sits on the board of Baobab Think Limited bringing his wealth of experience on management to bear on the day to day running of the firm.

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