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Introducing the Davaus Group of companies.

  • The DAVAUS Group

    Davaus Group was established in 2008, with a vision of creating a group of companies that thrive on knowledge, research and innovation whilst pursuing sustainable development with diligence and the highest level of etiquettes in our areas of operation.


  • DAVAUS Industry LTD

    DAVAUS Industry Ltd is the arm of the group that produces Davaus Water. Davaus Industry Ltd also has the exclusive rights to produce the CleanKill range of products in Nigeria.

    Our commitment to excellence and quality products is not limited by international borders.



  • DAVAUS Services LTD

    DAVAUS Services is yet another arm of the Davaus Group.

    Contact us today and experience the difference we can deliver.


  • Introducing Davaus Water...

    DAVAUS Industries in its bid to contribute to food security employed an American Technology to refine and bottle superior and refreshing pure drinking water to the Nigerian masses...Read more


  • Introducing Maddox Energy Drinks...

    DAVAUS Industries has been granted the sole distributor/marketer rights for Maddox Energy Drinks in West Africa. Watch this space in the days and weeks ahead as we introduce this high quality range of products to the Nigerian/West African market...Read more


  • CleanKill Micro-Fast Insecticide - The New Generation of Insecticides

    With the accreditation of Davaus Industries by the Federal Ministry of Environment to operate as Environmental Consultant, the Davaus Group has made its intentions clear. The intoduction of the world-class CleanKill is yet another demonstration of the focus of the Davaus Industries. CleanKill is now available. Also fogging services are now being undertaken by Davaus Industries.

    Available now for fogging/fumigation service providers/companies

    Contact details: 09086966571



     Absolutely safe for humans, plants and domestic animals
     Effective against all insects.
     Very broad spectrum of application
     Long lasting residual effect (up to 4 weeks)
     Environmentally sound and inherently biodegradable
     Water based and far more economic insecticide than propellants
     Non-staining, Non-flammable, Odourless...Read more

    CleanKill is now available for product purchase, Davaus Industries also undertake fogging services at locations around the country.


   The Davaus Group

At Davaus we do business God's way - with integrity and sincerity of purpose

Incorporated in 2008, the companies that make up the Davaus Group have been doing business with the sole aim of serving humanity in honesty and with quality output.